About The Re-Fashion Project

Project Concept

Each year thousands of used clothing are donated to charities but a large percentage end up in landfill, either because they are unfit to be sold or the op-shops are overwhelmed with more clothes being donated than sold.

At The Re-Fashion Project we buy clothes from op-shops and turn them into trendy new pieces with a fresh look. We believe in sustainable style and eco conscious fashion.
You can be guaranteed that every item here is unique in itself.

Project Creator

Lynh Riebau – Creator and founder of The Re-Fashion Project.

All garments are handpicked from local op-shops, re-designed and handmade by Lynh in her home.
This concept was started almost a year ago due to her passion for creativity and the environment and so what better way than to combine the two.
Seeing the overwhelming amount of clothes filling up the racks of op- shops provides motivation to slow down the fast-fashion industry. Making wearable trendy clothes out of items that people have thrown away means it will prevent them going into landfill and at the same time help the various charities by sourcing them from op-shops. Lynh’s full time job is a pharmacist but creating clothes that people love wearing is where her passion lies and her future goal is being able to re- fashion full time.